To Operate the Fundraiser program:
Once you’ve read the instructions
1. Click on the link to the Donate Page
2. NEWLY added Fundraiser Graph- this shows the total amounts raised for each individual Fundraiser

Remember, you MUST donate in order to become a Fundraiser. (Previous donations do not count towards your fundraising totals AND the minimum amount you need to donate is $1.00, there is no system maximum limit)

3. Enter your donation amount in the box “Contributions” and click “Contribute”
4. You should now be at the Order Page
Complete all required fields
5. Mark the checkbox next to “Become a Fundraiser”, located towards the bottom of the page

Click proceed to PayPal, and finish making your payment!

Once your payment is successfully processed, you will eventually be returned to The America Ride website Order Confirmation page

Congratulations!  You are now a Fundraiser!  You now have a fundraiser link tied to your name/id number.  You can share this link with your friends by clicking one of the icons (FB, Twitter,Email, etc) on the screen HOWEVER, you will not be able to return to this screen once you leave it. We suggest that you click the EMAIL icon and send the link to your own personal email.  From there you can copy and paste the link directly into emails to your friends, post it on FaceBook, Twitter, etc

(Don’t worry, if you accidentally delete your link, we can retrieve it for you- just email us at requesting your fundraiser link and we will send it to your email)
We encourage you to challenge your friends and family!  Who will raise the most $$?  Will it be you? BTW- Junior is not eligible to win!!!